Circle R Trademark Services provides a wide variety of intellectual property portfolio services. The following are the services requested most often:

  • Trademark department planning, organization, and assistance
  • Trademark portfolio coverage assessment and consultation
  • Intellectual property management during corporate acquisitions
  • Customized trademark training for clients and employees
  • Global trademark naming and clearance projects
  • Global trademark application filing projects
  • Global trademark portfolio management and prosecution
  • Global assignment, change of name, and change of address filing projects
  • Docketing software consultation, transition, implementation, and training
  • Trademark and third party investigation
  • Legal research, opposition, litigation, and UDRP action assistance
  • Domain name and trademark acquisition assistance
  • Watch service review, consultation, and assistance
  • Trademark portfolio auditing
  • Portfolio, website, and literature review for trademark protection gap filling needs
  • Docketing services

Circle R Trademark Services provides many other intellectual property services, so please contact us if a specific service is not listed.